L’AGE D’OR is an underground exhibition based on the film L’Âge d’or, a french surrealistic satirical comedy from 1930, directed by Luis Bunuel in collaboration with Salvador Dali. This is an eclectic exhibition of contemporary interpretations of the most significant themes from the surrealistic film L’Âge d’or such as: humanization, destruction, confusion, passion, fear, oppression and isolation.

The initiator and organizer Baharak Dehghan invites artists from different countries and backgrounds to present a mixed media exhibition of paintings, photography, video’s, sculptures and other media’s.
Through their personal experiences, these different cultural perspectives give a unique impression on the various views on the themes expressed in L’Âge d’or.
The purpose of the exhibition is to get people thinking about culturally and morally established values. Like this movie does!

After viewing the enigmatic work of art on display, the viewer does not escape the question which powers ninety years after the launch of the film predomination our society: those related to bourgeois reason and sexual oppression responsible for banning the movie? Or that of free morals and L’amour fou? In what kind of ‘Golden Age’ do we live? And what would Buñuel’s L’Âge d’or look like today?

L’AGE D’OR will be presented in different locations as a pop-up exhibition.