L’AGE D’OR – 6th edition

An Absurdist Art, Film, Fashion and Performance event, coming to Barcelona in May 2024.  

L’AGE D’OR is an international art exhibition based on the 1930’s French surrealistic satirical film L’Âge d’or, directed by Luis Buñuel in collaboration with Salvador Dali.  

Having hosted several previous successful events in Amsterdam and most recently in London, we are excited to announce the next L’AGE D’OR event will take place in Barcelona, in the homeland of the directors of the original film “L’AGE D’OR” Luis Buñuel & Salvador Dali.   

We invite artists from all countries and backgrounds to present an exhibition of paintings, photography, video, sculpture, and other media. This unique perspective of varying cultures and experiences allows the viewer to experience the themes expressed in L’AGE D’OR in new and exciting ways. The purpose of the exhibition is to get people thinking about culturally and morally established values, like the film itself does.   

The L’AGE D’OR exhibitions continue to work with established international artists as well as emerging artists.   

We are calling on all artists who explore surrealist, provocative, dark and outsider art.

Does this sound like you?


 Your work explores surreal, provocative, dark and outsider themes.    

All art forms are welcome. This can include painting, collage, photography, sculpture, video art, short film, installation, and fashion design.   

What you can expect from the exhibition  

– Your chosen works will be shown for three days at the Valid World Hall Gallery in the centre of Barcelona. – Three complimentary tickets for guests at the Private View on Friday 3rd May 2024. 

– Friday: Masquerade party in the theme of 1920’s surrealistic art, free drinks, live performances, video art and music. 

– Saturday: Film screening- Free entree 

– Sunday: Live performance- Free entree.  

Participation fee  

 There is no fee to submit your works. When your artwork is selected, we will ask a participation fee of  €120,00. Preferably payable via PayPal, within two weeks after notification.  

This is to cover our costs to run the show and events. 


All artists are responsible for their own sales and no commission will be taken. If needed we wil bring potential buyer in contact with the artists.  

Delivery of works  

All successfully selected artists will be required to deliver their works to the gallery on Wednesday 1st May between 9.00am-12.00, or to make arrangements to have their works arrive in this delivery window. 

All works (sold and unold) are to be collected on Sunday 5th May between 6.00 pm – 8-00pm from the gallery.  

Artworks Specifications  

– For 2D artworks you can expect 2 to 3 meters of wall space for each artist.  

– 3D works can be shown in different forms, which we will discuss with the artist.  

How to Submit  

We ask artists to submit their applications in PDF format including at least 5 images of the works proposed to show. an artist statement and biography, as well as the titles, sizes, materials, et cetera.  

This can be done by emailing directly to: [email protected]

Please use WeTransfer for large files 

L’AGE D’OR seeks surrealistic Performances!

If you are a performer with unique idea’s, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss any equipment, materials, and payment for your performance. Please note that we have limited space, time, and budget. So please keep this in mind with any proposals.   

Deadline for submission: 15 December  

Exhibition Days: 3-4-5 May 2024

We aim to notify all applicants within 3 weeks of this date.  

Thank you.